7-year-old girl accused of animal cruelty, FOX 2 investigates

After receiving tips about animal abuse at a home in southwest Detroit, FOX 2 investigated.

The front door was open at home where the abuse is alleged to have occurred. FOX 2's Dave Spencer asked the woman living there about allegations of dog abuse, including a dog thrown from a second-story window.

The allegations were brought to our attention by a dog rescue operation called Detroit Pit Crew.

"It was reported to me that some of the children had broken the legs of these dogs," Theresea Sumpter of the Detroit Pit Crew said.

Namely, a 7-year-old girl. And when we confronted the woman at the door, she didn't deny what happened but she did say it wasn't abuse.

"This is a 7-year-old little girl. I was not home and she didn't know what she was doing. And she dropped the dog on accident out of the window," the woman said.

This is a different story from the one Detroit Pit Crew is hearing.

"Thrown each of the puppies out of a second story window. And that the puppies had had broken legs that were never properly treated," Sumpter said.

As for the injured animals now, Detroit Pit Crew says animal control took them. However, the woman tells me it was one dog and it's still there, doing just fine.

But that’s not all the 7-year-old girl is accused of.

"A kitten had been being swung around by the leg and then by the tail and thrown at a pit bull," Sumpter said.
So we asked about the cat.

"She holds it by its body. She carries it like it's a baby doll," the woman said.

Shortly after that, the woman ended the conversation. She did not wish to be identified. 

Detroit Pit Crew says they had a similar experience when they confronted her.

"She wants to keep the animals and she doesn't care. We're in Detroit and no one cares about animal abuse. I (said) yes there are a lot of people who care about animal abuse and there are consequences even for children who abuse animals," Sumpter said.

During that conversation, Detroit Pit Crew says a puppy ran from the house. Darting in traffic, Detroit Pit Crew took the dog and claims the woman didn't come looking for it.

"Look how innocent the puppy is. Isn't she gorgeous? And she shouldn't have to face any abuse ever," Sumpter said.

The puppy is now being checked out.
So, too, is the family that lives in this southwest Detroit house -- both by police and Child Protective Services.

As for the puppy that was brought to the clinic in Centerline, FOX 2 spoke with the vet who says aside from looking malnourished and lethargic, she appears OK.  

She'll undergo some tests before being put up for adoption.

Detroit Pit Crew said last year they prosecuted 14 animal abuse cases and some involved children.