A mother of 3 and Wayne State law student's killer still hasn't been caught, 7 years later

More than 7 years after Wayne State University law student Tiane Brown's shooting death, her killer still has not been brought to justice.

Brown was preparing to complete school at Wayne State University, and she was just hired at a law firm in Detroit, only to be killed, leaving her children without the parent they depended on. Brown's mother, Sheryl Jones, and the 33-year-old’s children want to know why.

The tragedy has been devastating for Brown’s children. "The youngest one asked me questions about her," Jones told Fox 2’s, Hilary Golston. "She doesn’t remember a lot." Brown’s oldest child took it the hardest, Jones said. "She used to go down to Wayne State with her… there were days I had to climb in the bed with her. I just started reading the bible. I didn’t know what else to do."

Brown went missing on October 28, 2013. Tiane was last seen taking an online test at WSU, where she had been a student since 2010. The video camera at the library was broken. Therefore, it's unclear if Brown spoke with anyone before leaving.  However, police noted that Brown had logged off around 11 pm.

Jones’ says police also found information that Brown drove over Detroit's eastside shortly before her death. "I wasn’t aware of anyone that she knew on the east-side other than the relationship she had," Jones said.

October 30, her body was found near the old Packard Plant. Two homeless people had her phone and reportedly told police where her body was.

Brown was strapped in the seat in her SUV. She had been shot in the head behind her ear.

.Since 2013, police have released sketches of persons of interests and actually arrested two men in possession of Brown's cell phone.

Although they faced several charges, investigators don't believe they were involved with Brown's death.

Call Crimestoppers at 1800-SPEAK-UP if you know anything that might help. You will always remain anonymous. The organization is offering a $2,500 reward for information leading to an arrest.