$7,000 raised in benefit for Armada teen who died from flu

Eileen Borucki, Danielle's mother said, "this is overwhelming to say the least, i'm stunned and shocked I can't believe the outpouring to help our daughter, to help our family get through this if we can get through this at all."

Once school leaders learned Danielle had passed away from complications from the flu last week they knew they needed to do something to give her family one less worry, to bring the community together in this time of grief.

So today, principals served up pancakes and sausages while student groups bussed tables to help raise money for Borucki's funeral expenses. 

We are told that the fundraiser raised over $7,000 dollars for the Borucki family today. 

Donations can also be made at the GoFundMe account: gofundme.com/jj7ehg