8-year-old hurt by falling lunch table, reigniting fight for Lilliana's Law

As a family tries to get the state to pass a safety law after their 3-year-old daughter was killed when a school lunch table fell on top of her, a similar incident happened at a school in Canton.

"We got very lucky that our daughter is ok, you know? She's battered and bruised, but she's alive," said Janet Jones.

And for that, Janet and Dennis Jones are counting their blessings. Their 8-year-old daughter Jessica was left with bruises on her back and face after a lunch table fell on top of her Friday. She helped clean up the cafeteria and stow the tables into the wall at Field Elementary School in Canton.

"It hit my face and then my back and then it landed on my foot. I have no idea how it happened," Jessica said.

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Janet said Jessica's foot was trapped underneath so she couldn't get out. A janitor there cleaning had to go get the assistant principal to lift table off of her, she said.. There were adults in the room but it's unclear who,  if anyone, was watching the kids as they cleaned up.

The Jones' said a school janitor, who filled out this incident report and is listed as the sole witness, came in after the table fell. That janitor also noted the table did not seem to lock in to the well--something that has to be done manually before stowing it.

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"There's a sticker on each table that says tables should only be operated by trained personnel, so I don't even understand why they're having kids push the tables into the walls whether there's an adult there or not," Dennis said.

The incident at Field Elementary smacks of the fatal one nearly two years ago. Three-year-old Lilliana Kerr died after a recalled lunch table fell on top of her in Dearborn Heights. Her mother Tabatha Kerr is pleading with legislators to pass Lilliana's law, requiring the state to conduct yearly school inspections.

"You can sign a petition for Lilliana's law  to put it in place so schools do their due diligence and follow the inspections they're supposed to follow and the procedures that are supposed to be followed so no one else has to suffer an injury or a loss because of negligence," Janet said.

Plymouth-Canton Community Schools provided the following statement: