83-year-old in wheelchair dies after getting hit by car outside nursing home

For an 83-year-old, Albert Orsette was remarkably active.

Despite being in a wheelchair, he was a mobile man. Then he was struck by a car.

"He went from being able to feed himself, put on clothes, even sit in a wheelchair and wheel around somewhat and move to a person who was being tube-fed," said Hedy Orsette, Albert's daughter-in-law.

On the night of March 14, Albert was outside the Clarkston Specialty Healthcare Center where he was a patient. At one point, his wheelchair got stuck on Clintonville Road. A 29-year-old worker was trying to help him back inside when they were both hit.

Then the car drove off.

"When we found out that he was struck, it was really shocking," said John Orsette, Albert's son. "My husband had just left and we just couldn't understand how something like this could have happened."

John describes his dad as 'touch as nails' and that he was 'built like a tank.'

But the crash left him with shattered ribs, a punctured lung, a broken collarbone and multiple contusions. He died on April 8 from those injuries.

The employee has been treated, released and is recovering from her injuries. 

"From what we understand, there were bystanders also that witnessed this," Hedy said, "and we were hoping that somebody saw something and would come forward."

However nobody has. Police don't have a lot to go on due to the lack of video surveillance. They're relying on the public to speak up.

The Oakland County Sheriff's office is asking anyone for help, and to keep a look out for a Black Chevrolet Monte Carlo.