85-year-old claims Lucky for Life lottery prize with hours to spare

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Eighty-five-year-old Bob Hissom bought a winning lottery ticket Jan. 1 of last year and just cashed in on it this week - right before it expired. 

"I hold onto everything, I don't throw anything away," said Hissom. 

Thank goodness he did, because now he's now $400,000 richer.

"I didn't really think so until they handed us the check today," he said. "I said something is going to go wrong."

It started last year on January 1st when he bought Lotto tickets like he does every week at the Picnic Basket Market in Plymouth. 

He bought a Lucky for Life easy pick with a payout of $25,000 a year for life. 

"I folded it up and put it in the box, I didn't think it was a winner," he said.

He keeps all his old tickets in the same tin, but didn't crack it open until he saw the story about the unclaimed ticket on the news.

Then he perked up - and checked the tin. Sure enough it was a perfect match, he realized it just days before the ticket was about to expire.

"I'm 85 years old, I'm not going to go for 20 years, so I said it is obvious it has to be the lump sum," he said. 

The grand total amounts to $390,000 before taxes.  Bob's late wife Dona, a lottery enthusiast, knew they would win big someday.

"You want to know how many times the number 4 came up in the last few years, she could tell you," he said. 

Donna even had left a list for Bob of the percentages each family member will receive from their winnings and that's what he's going with. 

"It's not enough for everyone to be millionaires or whatnot, but it's going to help us," he said.

Bob says he will keep buying Lotto tickets each week and he's going to buy them right here.