86-year-old Detroit veteran has time of his life skydiving

An 86-year-old veteran from Detroit crossed skydiving off his bucket list Sunday, and FOX 2 was there to see it.

"I feel great and a little heavy -- this is a lot of stuff," Bob Harris told FOX 2's Ron Savage, loaded up and ready to go.

Harris is a U.S. veteran of WWII who said he did a million things during his military career -- but he never jumped with a parachute.

Bob took his family to Skydive Tecumseh. The company so moved by Harris' energy and desire to jump at 86 years old that they waived his $250 jump fee and gave him a free jump.

Harris brought his whole family to witness the jump and it's a big family.

"I have six children, 19 grand kids, 30 great-grandkids and five great-great grandkids and half of them are out here," he said.

The weather and conditions were outstanding Sunday.

"I'm ready to go -- I'm looking forward to it," he said.

Harris grew up in Chicago and his family moved to Detroit when he was 11 years old. At 14 years old, Harris said he lied about his age and with a fake birth certificate, he joined the Merchant Marines and fought against Japan. He did a stint in the Naval Reserve before joining the U.S. Army.

One of the highlights of his life was meeting the Rolling Stones, and Mick Jagger called Harris the oldest Rolling Stone.

But Harris says this jump, aside from getting married and having children, is now the highlight of his life.

"I'm telling you ... all of you guys need to jump out of a plane ... that's almost as good as having a baby," he said after the jump.