86-year-old Trenton woman who went missing for 2 weeks died of hypothermia

Authorities have determined an 86-year-old Trenton woman who went missing earlier this month died of hypothermia.

Irene Kin's body was found over the weekend in a remote, wooded area of the Riverview Land Preserve in Brownstown Township. Her vehicle, which had been on fire, was also found nearby. 

Kin had been reported missing on Feb. 1. She was last seen cashing a check at the Fifth Third Bank on West Road.

The Brownstown Fire Department responded to a vehicle fire at the landfill the afternoon of Feb. 16, which was eventually determined to be Kin's vehicle. After putting out the fire, authorities searched the area and found Kin's body a considerable distance from the car. 

Steven Voss, the Director of Police and Fire for the City of Trenton, said the fire is being investigated as an arson, but wouldn't give additional details. They do not believe the vehicle fire and her death are connected. 

Authorities also had said earlier that they did not think any foul play was involved in her death. 

Voss said the evidence suggests Kin drove the vehicle herself to the landfill but they aren't sure why yet. 

"Other than, I guess that she was lost," he said.