9 hurt, 6 killed in violent Easter weekend in Detroit

It was a violent Easter weekend in Detroit, with more than a dozen shootings and six people killed. 

Now police are searching for the shooters and neighbors are worried about their safety. 

Police say there were 10 separate crime scenes from the eastside to the west side.

"A lot of people, that's they way they resolve problems," said Detroiter John Lucas.

Erica Farley was shot and killed inside her home on Balfour on Detroit's eastside. She was an elder at her church.

Dionne lives right across the street

"Nobody respects life / Nobody respect each other and that's just the bottom point. When everybody starts respecting each other, life would be better," she said.

Detroit police say that none of the shootings appear to be connected and the victims were either the intended target or somehow associated with the intended target.

"As of this morning we have someone in custody in one of the homicides over the weekend," said Deputy Chief David LeValley.

Investigators released surveillance video of a fatal drive by shooting at Lawndale and Michigan Avenue on Detroit's westside.

"As the detectives continue to work on these they'll close the majority of these cases. Going into this weekend, they were at about a 74 percent closure rate for this year," LeValley said.

According to Detroit police, that is is 10 percent higher than the national average.

"When the chief says crime is down, it's down, downtown ... Crime is not down in the inner cites and the ghettos," said Detroiter Latonia Shawver.