9 of 137 state lawmakers show up for work in Lansing Wednesday

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`What if they held a legislative session and nobody showed up? Well, almost nobody.

They held a legislative session in Lansing today and out of 137 lawmakers, nine showed up. 

There was one GOP senator and the Lt. Gov. Brian Calley.  Normally there are 38 senators.

Over in the 109-member Michigan House, eight members appeared.

The House session took 20 minutes. The Senate session took 12 seconds.

"Obviously it doesn’t look good," said Rep. Marino.

Lawmakers have met twice this summer, once on July 12 when they did some legislative work and today when nothing was done other than 36 bills being introduced in the Michigan House.

"Being a legislator isn't just voting on bills and introducing legislation," said State Rep. Tom Barrett (R- Eaton County) "There are a lot of people who introduce bills but aren't good legislators. I think being a representative includes meeting with people in your district, learning from them and hearing their concerns and then implementing them."

The lone senator who did show up said just because you don't see lawmakers at the capitol does not mean they aren’t working back home.

"We are working during the summer," said Sen. Mike Kowall, (R-Commerce Twp.). I don't know anyone who is lying on the beach. We're all over the state talking to residents about the economy and every other thing they're concerned about."

But there is no way to prove that lawmakers are working back home.

"You're more than welcome to look at my calendar any time," said Rep. Steve Marino (Macomb County). I guarantee it is filled up."

TIM SKUBICK: "What about others?"

"I can't speak for everyone else," he said.