91-year-old World War II veteran honored at Walled Lake Memorial Day parade

All of those signs of summer coalesced on Memorial Day, creating the perfect concoction for a morning and afternoon to celebrate so much.

For many, it's the smell of grilled hot dogs on the oven or the ice-cold touch of grabbing a pop out of the cooler. Couple that with sunshine not too intense and enough wind to chill someone heating up and the scene has been set.

But on Memorial Day, we all celebrate those that can't enjoy the bliss that May 27 has provided. 

For 91-year-old Raymond Harary however, he still had his chance. The World War II veteran took a drive through downtown Walled Lake.

"It's special because of the enthusiasm and the support of the community and all of our city staff and everyone from the area," said Mayor Linda Ackley, of Walled Lake. "It's just been a great parade, the business people join in on the parade, our groups like the scouts (do as well)." 

Many have their own version of memorializing the service of veterans as well as those who still fight.

"Remembering the fallen heroes and all the veterans that have fought for this country today and all the freedoms we have here today," said Phillip Turner.

"Honoring all the men and women who served for our country and it's very important to give them the recognition that they deserve because I don't think they get it all year long," said one woman.

"I just love this country and the freedoms it gives people and I just think everybody should have a chance at those freedoms," said another man.

If patrons were perceptive enough, they might have spied Fox 2's own Roop Raj in the parade. He was the Grand Marshall for this years' service. But don't ask him for any fame. This day was for the men and women who sacrificed their time so we could enjoy ours.