911 calls detail moments leading to St. Clair Shores standoff

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On Tuesday a vigil was held to remember Carol Baur in St. Clair Shores, her family still coming to grips with her murder.

The community gathered to honor Baur, the 60-year-old mother of two gunned down by her boyfriend Tom Ihlenfeldt over the holiday weekend.
He targeted and opened fire on a black family celebrating Independence Day leading to a nearly 30-hour standoff with police.

"Now I'm just out here trying to light fireworks with my kids he's shooting a beam laser across the street, he's threatened us with a gun," said the caller.

St. Clair Shores police released audio clips of some of the 911 calls Tuesday.

"He has a gun," the caller said.

Dispatcher: "I understand, ma'am. can you go back in the house?"

"Get someone here right now. He has a gun and he's going after my brother. No, he's following my brother," the caller said.

Dispatcher: "Are you on St. Margaret Street?" 

"He fired the gun, he fired this m----- f----- gun, can you send paramedics? Someone has been shot," the caller said.

Dispatcher: "Somebody's been shot? Who's been shot?"

"My mother got shot in the leg," the caller said.

Dispatcher: “Your mother's been shot in the leg?  Who's the other person that's been shot?" 

"She's an 11-year-old girl," the caller said.

Dispatcher: "OK, where is she shot at?"

"In her, in her arm," the caller said.
"I've been calling ya'll, telling ya'll this man has been harassing me for a f------ year," the caller said. "You all always say, 'He has a mental issue, there's nothing we can do, there's nothing we can do.' Well now it's something somebody can do, huh?"

FOX 2 asked neighbors what beef gunman Tom Ihlenfeldt had with the Taylor-Jackson family - one of, if not the only black family on St Margaret Street.

"I have no clue because they are literally the nicest neighbors ever," Clara Albert said. "And she's called multiple times to complain about him. And this is what happens I guess when people don't take you seriously."

Police arrived soon after Ihlenfeldt opened fire on that family. Another 911 caller warned that they would be in for a fight.

The guy that did the shooting has a nice armory in the basement. I know him personally," said a neighbor. "I pulled up in the driveway to my mother's house and I watched him do the shooting. 

"He has riot guns, M16s, AR-15s, AKs and from what my other buddy just told me, he went out to Elkton and picked up a 100,000 rounds," the caller said. 

Ihlenfeldt holed up inside of Baur's home firing on police and even robots that state troopers sent to the house, to spy out where he exactly in the house he was hiding.
The standoff ended with Ihlenfeldt dying by suicide. Baur was found dead with multiple gunshot wounds.

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Neighbors say she often stood up for the family that Ihlenfeldt so often antagonized.

"She would always be like 'Get back in the house, leave them alone' and she's called the cops and they never took her seriously," said Albert. "I mean I think it could've been avoided."