94-year-old woman joyously rides rubber duck float down senior home's makeshift slip ‘n slide

A video posted by an Ohio senior home showed a 94-year-old woman joyously riding a handmade slip ‘n slide on an inflatable rubber duck — and it was all her idea.

The footage was posted by The Oaks at NorthPointe, a senior living community in Zanesville, Ohio. Millie, who has lived at the community for two years, apparently came up with the concept because she has a “very adventurous” side.

“She’s always looking for opportunities to get outdoors and try new things,” said Jackie Altier, executive director for The Oaks. “She’s the reason we went sledding this past winter. She kept asking us to take her further and further up the hill. She is truly a resident leader. She was the first person down the slip ‘n slide and she ended up going three times.”

The video of Millie’s rubber-duck ride has garnered millions of views and has been shared more than 100,000 times.

Another video posted by The Oaks in February shows Millie in a makeshift sled being taken up a small hill by staff. They then slowly come down the hill with her. At the end she screams “weee” and puts her hands up in the air.

The living community is part of Trilogy Senior Living Communities. The company said in a press release that employees are “empowered to grant wishes of the people they serve.”

Altier added that Millie continues to plan new adventures with the community staff and has even suggested bungee jumping.

This story was reported from Los Angeles.