A Grosse Ile tree leaning on power lines gets removed with help from problem solvers

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A tree cracked all the way to the base and leaning on power lines has homeowner worried it may fall over. 

In Grosse Ile the tree service says they can't do anything about it until the power is turned off.

"These wires are right by here; can we do something about it? Now this was 34 years ago after I moved here, they say nothing," property owner Domenico Malizia said.

Over the years Malizia says he made additional calls to DTE about how close an oak tree stood near power lines on his property, but he says nothing ever happened. 

"They're not going to do anything about it."

Now in 2018 that same oak tree is split at its base, Malizia say the thought of what could happen next makes him uneasy. 

"It could hit the neighbor’s house, it can also hit my house as well, wiring it could catch on fire, who knows what could happen," he said.

Malizia contacted a tree cutting service, but the company's owner said he could not work because of safety concerns.

DTE was contacted Sunday and did come to the property to assess the situation.

But according to Malizia he was expecting to hear that someone would be out within the next 24 hours but was never contacted.

After a call was made to the Fox 2 Problem Solvers, Fox 2 reached out to DTE and was told DTE tree trimmers investigated the property Monday and worked with the property owner to develop a plan to remove the tree on Tuesday.