A hero, once more 4-year old girl saves mother's life, again

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What to do in case of an emergency? It's a question many adults don't know the answer to let alone a child. 

Well, 4-year-old Savannah Lavely of Warren handles crisis like a pro. She's credited with saving her mom's life not once but twice!

We could have a future doctor here, Savannah really does know about medical emergencies. 

“She had a seizure and I pushed the alarm button and the fire and police came,” she said. 

On Wednesday her mom Jessa had a seizure at home, this four-year-old knew what to do using their alarm system to call for help.

Jessica: How did you know how to do that?

“I was looking at the pictures,” Savannah said.

“We have not taught her that because we don't want her doing that every day,” Savannahs mom Jessa Lavely said.

Surveillance video shows firefighters responding, Savannah let them in. 

“I tell the firefighters that mommy had a seizure,” she said.

She calls herself a real life superhero and it's fitting. 

We introduced you to Savannah last summer when she was just 3. She ran home to get her grandparents after her mom had a seizure during a walk in their neighborhood. 

“My daughter ran home by herself she was almost a block and half away,”

“She actually retraced her steps home,” Lavely said.

Both of these incidents could have had a very different ending if Savannah didn’t act quick.

She even got an award from Warren Mayor Jim Fouts.

Savannah doesn't know yet how brave she really is, she's just glad to have mommy feeling better. 

“I love her so much,” Savannah said. 

“Sometimes I look at her and think I can't believe she's mine and what did I do to get so lucky, to be so blessed to have her,” Lavely said.

Jessa says they're going to come up with a better emergency plan in case she has a seizure so that Savannah knows exactly what to do. 

Because of Savannah’s bravery her mom wants to do something special for her to reward her for saving her life but doesn't have the extra cash, donate here to help raise money for Savannahs extra special gift.