A mother's outrage: Man accused of son's murder takes plea deal, gets 2 years in jail

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Brenda Murton is outraged that the suspected killer of her son O'Seach Lockett is getting two years in jail. 

The family of a young Detroit man who was gunned down and left dead in a sewer in 2015 say the man responsible got a plea deal that's unfair.

O’Sean Lockett, 19, was found dead in a Detroit sewer last year. The man accused in the crime, Michael Ferguson, isn't being tried for first degree murder. Instead, he's agreed to a plea deal for two years in prison and two years’ probation.

Lockett's mom, Brenda Burton, doesn't know what the motive for the violent murder was but she wants justice.

"My son, he was shot three times in the head, close range. Then he was put into a sewer," Burton said. "My son graduated from high school last year, he was only 19, he just liked to have fun, and he was in the house up until that happened."

On Friday, Ferguson accepted the plea deal for the lesser charges.

According to the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office, the lone witness in the case did so poorly on the stand that they believed it be impossible to convict Ferguson for first degree murder.

Ferguson pleaded guilty to gun possession charges and will serve two years in prison and two years’ probation.

That sentence does little for the grieving mother who believes the witness was threatened by people in the neighborhood.

"I feel he was so threatened. That's why he left. Because he knew everything from day one," Burton said.

Ferguson was found dead in September but for the two months before, he was missing and Burton spent every day looking for him. Specifically at an open field along Fenkell. Now, she's trying to turn the dirt and grass into a park by June 11.

"I just want to do something in memorial for my son. He was 19 years old, still a baby," she said.

The prosecutor's office says it made the mother the aware in court of the plea deal conditions, and that she agreed. In this case, double jeopardy is present. That mean's Ferguson can't be charge again for Lockett's death.