Abducted infant home safe, mom says she was warned by baby's dad

A 3-week-old baby girl who was abducted by her own father is back home safe but her dad is still on the run after cutting his court-ordered tether.

Baby Bella was taken from her Detroit home where she lives with her mother by her father, 23-year-old Cordney Osterman, police say.

The girl's mother described to FOX 2 what happened Saturday morning when he broke into the home.

"He kicked it in, came straight in there, grabbed her, and went out the door," she said.

It was around 1:30 Sunday morning when she said he came in and took the child. She says says Osterman's family members warned her days before that he had been talking about taking Bella.

"He wasn't just coming down here to like - I want the baby and you can have her tomorrow. He was actually trying to take my baby."

Infant abducted found safe, suspect still at large

The little girl was returned to Bella Saturday afternoon. Osterman's family continues to defend him and sent FOX 2 a conversation that he had with Bella's mom, asking to see her. The girl's mom said "come walk down here and get her."

"I'll admit that I did say he could come down here and get the baby but that was the afternoon, not at night time," she said.

Bella's mother says she was joking because she has a personal protection order against him.

"He was gonna have someone come by here and get the baby. Nobody was going to come and get her, I was gonna take her down there."

Bella's mother calls Osterman a very violent person but his family asks why she felt comfortable staying the night with him and the infant at his mother's house just two days before. She said she was just doing it because he was about to go to jail.

"For the last 2 weeks I was making sure - pleasing him - making sure he could see his child before he got locked up."

Osterman is set to be sentenced later this month on charges of armed robbery, unarmed robbery and felony firearm. He has a criminal history dating back to 2011 including stealing, fleeing and resisting arrest. 

They're all asking him to just turn himself in.

If anyone has seen Cordney Osterman, or knows of his whereabouts, they are asked to please call Detroit Police Seventh's Precinct at 313-596-5700, 313-596-2250 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-Speak Up.