Accused serial rapist in court, claims he was mistreated by police

An accused serial rapist back in court facing a whole new round of charges claims he was mistreated by police.

"I was basically kidnapped," accused serial rapist Ikeie Smith said to the judge.

Smith, 32, appeared calm Thursday during his arraignment in Dearborn on two more charges of first degree home invasion.

"Both of those complaints are felonies. They carry penalties of up to 20 years (in person) and/or a $5,000 fine," the judge said.

Smith is believed to be involved in nearly three dozen sexual assaults and home invasions in at least eight Metro Detroit cities.

"Over a five year period anything could happen and it appears that this person was methodical and quite active," said Chief Ronald Haddad of Dearborn police.

While Smith was arraigned for breaking into two Dearborn homes on West Outer Drive and Woodside, police say DNA evidence links him to seven sexual assault cases.

Two days ago in Allen Park, Smith was arraigned on five other charges. He is accused of robbing and raping a woman in November of 2015 in that city. Back then, police were unsure who this man linked to so many crimes was and formed a task force.

"We had our federal, state, county partners. We had all of our regional, local police involved. We had the Detroit Fusion Center and MDOT. It was quite exhaustive and quite thorough," Haddad said.

Dearborn police and other police departments are grateful for Smith's capture. Smith was caught last week in Farmington Hills thanks to surveillance video from Livonia released in August. Then police received a tip.

"We depend on the community every day and this was a big one," Haddad said.

While Smith is saying he was "basically kidnapped" upon arrest, we're told on the way to jail he essentially asked officers why they were blaming "every case" on him.

"The accountability will come through the court process and we're confident that we have the right person," Haddad said.

Appearing to kick the door as he leaves court, Smith was also called rather self-serving.

Haddad says although he hopes that list of 35 cases doesn't get any longer, he does worry there are more victims out there.

Police are urging anyone who believes Smith may have violated them to understand they are not alone.

"It's the most egregious type of crime to violate someone's home and violate women like that -- and we're just grateful we got him off the street," Haddad said.