Activists, legislators ready for congressional Flint water hearings

As Michigan officials head to Washington this week to face congressional hearings on the Flint water crisis, FOX 2 took a look at the events that led to this week.

The first hearing on Flint water was held before the House Oversight Committee in February -- a day filled with demands to have people answer what happened.

"I want the truth -- the whole truth, and nothing but the truth," said Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Maryland).

Those called to the hearing included former Flint emergency manager Darnell Early, who had refused a subpoena to appear.

"We're calling on the US marshals to hunt him down and give him that subpoena," said Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah).

Committee members wanted Michigan's governor there as well.

"The problem is that today we are missing the most critical witness of all," Cummings said.

Agreeing, Rep. Matt Cartwright (D-Pennsylvania) said, "He got caught red-handed poisoning the children of Flint."

The committee is getting its wish, with Early testifying on Tuesday and Gov. Snyder on Thursday, along with the head of the EPA, Gina McCarthy.

"We're just tired of half-truths," said Flint activist Melissa Mays. "We're tired of sugar-coated stuff and we're tired of PR. We want answers and we want to see results."

Activist Nayyirah Shariff said there will be at least two buses of Flint residents heading to D.C. to attend the hearing and speak to legislators.

"I'm hoping that with the residents being there that we can help put enough fire underneath Congress to ask the tougher questions and demand specific answers," Mays said, adding she expects not to get those answers, but "spin lines and runaround answers."

Either way, Mays said she, and many others, will wait to hear the truth.

"We already see it. We already know it. We feel it, but we just want to hear it come from their mouths -- from the responsible parties," she said.