Advanced urgent care coming to east side Detroit neighborhood thanks to Motor City Match

An urgent care is coming to an area of Detroit that doesn't have one nearby.

Right now, people in the Conner Creek neighborhood have to drive at least 20 minutes to get to an urgent care.

"Within a radius around here — a 5-10 mile radius — there’s not another urgent care to help the people. This portion of the city is the most underserved of Detroit," Cedric Jackson said.

Jackson said the clinic will not only help people in need – it will employ people in the city, too.

"We’re looking at hiring a number of Detroiters. Put them right here. Right to work," he said.

The project is possible due to $50,000 from the city's Motor City Match program.

"We can actually help in the need of acute care and also provide preventive medicine for the demographic area as well," said Thierry M Desir, a physician associate with I Am Health & Wellness of Belleville.

Desir knows it’s a struggle for families in low-income neighborhoods get access to health care. This urgent care plans lift that burden.

"I think the biggest thing is communication. Providing communication for the patient that you’re treating, and it helps them get a better understanding of what the medical treatments are — especially when it comes to what we’ve dealt with during the pandemic," Desir said.

The urgent care is expected o open in July.