African Detroiters feel they're being targeted, ask for police help

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They came to Detroit and America in hopes of building better lives. Instead, both of their lives were ended abruptly when they were murdered while serving the people of the city.

One was a cab driver, the other an Uber driver. Both were killed in the past few weeks and African Detroiters met with city leaders after two members of their community were gunned down in a pair of robberies. They say they think they're being targeted and are asking for police to step in.

Modou Diagne, a Senegalese Uber driver, crashed his car near joy and livernois after being shot several times Sunday. The 41-year-old is survived by his pregnant wife and three children. Unfortunately, they're not the only onese who felt the pain of losing a family member.

Nearly a month ago, Mamoudou Bah was found slumped over the steering wheel of his cab in the 9000 block of Artesian with a bullet wound to his head. Bah was recently married in his native country of Guinea and had been back in detroit a month.

"Killing a human being just for a little cash I'm pretty sure if this man was asked 200 dollars for his life he would do it. He would give it away," Al-housseynou Ba said.

Ba and others were gathering at the Foundation Khadim Rassul Church in Detroit to pray for the two Africans who were killed and also demand action. Ba says these murders follow a string of unsolved homicides, all of which are Africans killed in Detroit.

"We need answers to all of those things and we need police to follow up that at least to update the community," Ba said.

They were joined by Detroit Police Department Commander Todd Bettison who said he was there on behalf of the entire department to listen to their concerns.

"My purpose in being here and DPD's purpose in being here is to let this community know that we do care about them that we are here and that under chief Craig's leadership we are going to open up those lines of communication," Bettison said.

As for Sunday's shooting, justice may not be far off- police have a person of interest in custody, according to DPD Lieutenant Tiffany Stewart.

"We do have a solid case and a warrant package will be presented to the prosecutor's office tomorrow," Stewart said.

In the meantime, the African Detroiters are hoping to get a message across: they need safety.

"When we come here to this town we really wanted to be here to be part of the people who help revitalize this city but we cannot do it without safety. If we don't have safety, security there's no reason to bring our members to this city," Ngagne Ndiae said.

Police say they don't believe Africans are being targeted.

A GoFundMe account was set up for Modou Diagne. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS.