After 20 years rape victim gets justice after kit test

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She waited 20 years for justice after being abducted and raped by a man wielding a knife.

Now the attacker is behind bars because Ardelia Ali's rape kit was finally tested and she wasn't his only victim.

"I cry a lot," Ali said. "And all my kids can do is say, 'Mama don't cry it's going to be all right.'"

Ali gave up hope of ever learning what became of the man who raped her at knife-point while she was walking near a Detroit bus stop in June of 1995.

"If he would have raped me in May 1995, my statute of limitations would have run out," she said. "So we only had a few more months and the Lord came down and we still got him."

She's spent the last 20 years struggling with depression and constant fear of somehow running into him again. Then one day, police knocked on her door, with the long awaited news of a DNA match.

"It just blew my mind," Ali said. "I never heard from anybody so I just thought it was a lost cause."

She found out her rapist, 53-year-old Marshall White, was already in prison for raping two other women. Ardelia says she confronted him in court when he was sentenced to another 15-30 years for her rape.

"Unbelievably he apologized," she said. "He admitted that he did it. I forgive him because that's the right thing to do."

Ali said she's fortunate to be one of the few to see justice after more than 11,000 untested rape kits, including hers, were discovered untested by the city in 2009. More than 1,000 still have to be tested.

"Everybody deserves justice," she said. "And deserves to know who did this to them."

Ali is now hoping to leave all this behind her, move her kids somewhere outside of the city for a fresh start.

She said she's in serious need a financial help. We have a link to her go fund me page. CLICK HERE to give money.