After a scorching 2018, what kind of weather is heading for Michigan's summer in 2019?

After a summer of 26 consecutive days of at least 90 degrees, what's on the way for Michigan's 2019 warmer months?

There's plenty of factors outside of the state that will determine our summer weather. You have to look as far down as the western coast of Peru. In a location where a seasonal event known as an El Nino shifts the water temperatures around, it has wide-ranging impacts on weather elsewhere.

Much like 2015, Michigan is in for a weak El Nino year. That means a moderate summer and it's already starting to show.

May proved to be a little cooler than average. While June will be a little warmer than average, July and August are expected to be pretty much what long term climate predictions would imply: average temperatures:

  • May: 70 degrees
  • June: 79 degrees
  • July: 83 degrees
  • August: 81 degrees

Another reason for the mild temperatures is the soil moisture - of which the northern section of the Midwest has a lot. Minnesota's ground has absorbed a lot of water this winter. And that means it takes longer to warm things up. 

Michiganders can expect that moisture to keep northern Michigan nights a little cooler than they have been in the past.