After attack on Israel, Detroit area Jewish community asks for support

"We woke up Saturday morning to our phones going off, to the TV stations reporting on the horrific terror attack," said Steven Ingber.

And as the CEO of the Jewish Federation of Detroit, Ingber knew he had to act fast.

"The first inclination was to immediately reach out to the staff which I could not get a hold of right away," he said. "Luckily by the end of the day I was able to ascertain that they were all physically okay."

But the devastation in Israel caused by this terrorist attack is widespread and the need is great.

"We have thousands of people that have been displaced, right now currently homeless looking for a place to go. We are paying for hotel rooms for people," he said. "It is sort of, whatever is next, you tell me what they need. the call comes in. How can we help?"

But the Federation’s efforts to help Israel and those impacted are boosted when supported by the community.

"We will obviously be asking all the communities," he said. "This isn’t a Jewish issue. This is a humanity issue. and I implore everyone to stand up to this."

The Jewish Federation is organizing a fundraising effort and they want everyone to understand that every dollar counts.

"We have it right on our webpage you can go to right there you can donate, we are distributing, no funds stop here, they will be distributed," Ingber said. "We’ve already started distributing money as early as today."

And as efforts continue to raise critical funds there is another level of support that is also needed.

"We are a spiritual community and so these are moments when we gather together as a faith community to offer our prayers," said Rabbi Jen Lader, Temple Israel.

Uplifting words of support are providing the encouragement needed to move past a dark time.

"Other faith leaders from other communities ... have been reaching out with their unequivocal support with love and an offer of prayers,"  she said.

Temple Israel’s website also has a number of organizations listed for people to make donations to offer support.

But it’s the power of prayer and faith that allows those impacted by the attack to know they can and will, move forward.

"Just as we have overcome horrifying moments in our nation’s history will do it again this time too," Lader said.

Rabbi Jen Lader Temple Israel

Rabbi Jen Lader Temple Israel