After defamation scuffle, Redford Twp clerk's office back open in time for primary election

After being removed from office last week following claims of defamation, a Redford Township clerk and his staff have been allowed to return. 

A court order removed the clerk and his staff from office and then another court action on Tuesday put them back in place after a temporary restraining order was removed. 

"Judge Kenny agreed with us on all four points that the [temporary restraining order] should be dissolved and it was dissolved effective immediately," said attorney David Jones, who's the assistant attorney for Redford township. 

The Township Clerk was removed after Township Trustee Linda Jackson says she was allegedly defamed by comments made by Township Clerk Garth Christie. But that removal caused turmoil with ballots coming into the office for the primary election on August 4.

"This order effectively put an upside-down freeze on everything. The clerk's office was abandoned," Jones said.

Township attorneys say this court action was costly and unnecessary.

"She cost residents time and money in defending this action and she shut down that clerk's office for two and a half days."

But a statement to FOX 2 by Trustee Jackson reads in part:

"A choice is going to be made going forward about the type of government the citizens want or will tolerate. That is at the heart of my complaint. I believe the conduct engaged in is wrong on many levels. If I do nothing, I condone it and that is not the message I want to send."

But for now, Township leaders want to send a strong message to its residents that the clerk's office is open and ready for the upcoming primary election. 

"Everybody remember to vote. If you're going to do so by absentee ballot get your application in," Jones said.