After report, city clears illegal dumping site on east side

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Residents called the FOX 2 Problem Solvers to get some help with a mess.

Clothes, furniture and whole house worth of junk were dumped in a driveway on Veach Street on Detroit's east side.

Residents try to keep their street clean, but can't combat illegal dumping alone. When the city saw our first story earlier this week they promised to help - and on Friday we're getting results.

"Clothing, shoes, toys," said Anthony Austin. "A lot of paperwork, old bills, mattresses, couches."

And then some. On Friday just two days after FOX 2 aired the story about what someone had so blatantly ditched on Veach near Seven Mile and Van Dyke, city crews were loading it up.

"They feel like they can do that freely," said James Holland. "I don't like that."

Residents living in the area tell me they gave police a description of a U-Haul and a grey sport utility vehicle dumping garbage into the area. They also gave them a piece of mail with an address on it and police say they are looking into it.

FOX 2 wanted to look into it and went to the address on Maple Ridge to see if anyone was home. It appears whoever was here had moved.

"It doesn't take that much time to drive that trash to the free dump site," said Deloria Wiggins. "It makes the neighborhood look like trash and it is dangerous."

It is an eyesore that's now gone, thanks to neighbors who care enough to report it and city leaders who listen.

"I'm glad to see the city come out and do something (about) this," said Anthony Austin. "I'm glad they reacted really quickly."