Airlines, cruise lines 'doing right things' with precautions to get business back

Because of the coronavirus crisis, there are few planes in the sky these days. 

But David Fishman, the president of Cadillac Travel in Southfield, says they are still seeing some emergency business travel and some people are going to see their families. 

Fishman says there usually aren't as many people on board and airlines are taking plenty of precautions. Companies are trying to meet the challenge of rebuilding trust for travelers and making them feel safe while the pandemic hopefully subsides in the coming months.

"They are spacing them out, they are not using the middle seats," he said. "They are doing all the right things. They are fogging the planes; they have the 99.9 percent HEPA filters for filtration of the air. So they are doing all the things they need to do."

Fishman says staying home is making some anxious to travel again.  He says he is getting calls with families already planning Christmas trips, honeymoons and spring break.

The agent says when you book your next trip get travel insurance. He says it has always been important, but it matters more now than ever.

He also says we can expect some sweet savings, like a new deal from Carnival when they set sail in August. 

"One of the first ships they are talking about, will be $28 a day," he said. "It cost less to travel then it would be to stay at home. That's including three meals, your lodging, your entertainment - that's incredible." 

And Fishman assures us hotels- cruises- and airports are doing their part and preparing for when travel eventually ramps up. 

"Key cards and touchless system," he said. "The same with airlines, cruise lines, touchless temperatures that people will go through at airport and before they get on a plane or a cruise ships. 

"All these things they're doing to make sure you feel comfortable going out and traveling again."