Alabama dealership offers Bible, shotgun, and American flag with every car purchase

Photo credit: Chatom Ford

"We're going to be celebrating July 4th a little bit differently this year."

An Alabama car dealership is hoping to lure in 4th of July customers with a new promotion that's going viral. 

Chatom Ford says that every car they sell from now until July 31 will come with a Bible, a 12-gauge shotgun, and an American flag! 

"GOD GUNS AND FREEDOM," the dealership wrote on Facebook. "Celebrating July 4th from now until July 31, here at Chatom Ford!!! Every vehicle purchased new or pre-owned will come with a Bible, 12-gauge shot gun, and American flag!! This is a small gift to our valued customers and a opportunity for us to celebrate our independence."

"We do not keep guns at the dealership, nor do we give guns directly to our customers," Koby Palmer, General Sales Manager, tells Fox 35. "We provide certificates that they present to the licensed firearms dealer. If the customers do not want or can not purchase a gun, they can use the certificate for something else."

Of course, to qualify, you must be 18 or older, have valid ID, and can pass all background checks associated with owning a firearm in Alabama.

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