Albanian man lives in church to keep family together from deportation

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A family is living inside a Detroit church.

In a desperate attempt to stay together and stop a deportation order. 

"It's very hard for me, it's a very hard day," said Ded Rranxburgaj.

FOX 2 first brought you the story last week of Rranxburgaj, an Albanian man who is now living inside Central United Methodist Church in Detroit. He is trying to keep his family together and avoid deportation, which was supposed to happen last week.  

"I'm scared because I have to leave my wife after almost 30 years (being) married, sick and with my son, 15 years old," he said. "It is very hard." 

Ded's wife Flora has multiple sclerosis and he has been her sole caretaker while she's battled this disease for over a decade. She is with him inside the church as he waits for what happens next.

"I know nothing what’s (going to) happen next.," said Ded. "Just wait, minute by minute. Hour by hour until people tell me something." 

 Dr. Jill Hardt Zundel is the reverend at Central United Methodist Church and she understands some may have a different point of view regarding this story. She is responding to critics who don't believe Ded should receive sanctuary.

"What I tried to say and I think we can come to a basic understanding, is that the immigration system is broken," Zundel said. "If you don't want to help keep Ded in the country, I get that. But then would you be willing to help those children who are basically orphans when their parents are deported. Are you willing to take them into your home.”

ICE did send a statement to FOX 2 which in part, says, they will not go into the church, considering it a sensitive location, unless they have special orders.