Alchemi in Royal Oak prepares Tapatio Quiche as part of farm-to-table brunch

Chef Johnny Prepolec from Alchemi in Royal Oak spent years living in Mexico. Now he's reopening his restaurant in Royal Oak with a farm-to-table brunch that debuts on Sunday, Feb. 14 - Valentine's Day - and gave us a preview of his tapatio quiche.

Prepolec said the dish is a holdover from his years living in Mexico and the reopening of dine-in service on Valentine's Day will debut the new brunch menu. 

"Everything we do is geared toward creating a unique customer experience," says Prepolec.

Alchemi's new brunch menu kicks off their return to limited dine-in service. The brunch menu will be served every Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., starting on Valentine's Day. Alchemi is at 215 S. Main Street in downtown Royal Oak. 

Get the recipe for the tapatio quiche below and watch the prep in the video above.