Alisha McQueen's estranged husband charged in her murder

A Detroit woman who was murdered and found embedded in cement had filed a protection order against her husband and planned to leave him because of his violent behavior.

The Wayne County Medical Examiner confirmed remains found in August in Ecorse were of Alisha McQueen. Her husband, Gregory McQueen, was charged with the murder of the 28-year-old woman today months after she disappeared.

The last time anyone heard from her was a bizarre text message sent to her mother saying "Green F-150."  At the time, McQueen's sister Tanisha told FOX 2 that Alisha's estranged husband drove a green F-150. The victim and the defendant were living separately at the time.  

Her remains were found in August in Ecorse, embedded in cement.

Husband charged with death of woman who left cryptic text message

On Monday, Gregory was arraigned on the murder charges.

"I want her to be able to rest in peace and to know that justice will be served," said her mom Lisa Gross.

Alisha and Gregory were estranged prior to March and her family says she'd been planning to leave him. However, Gregory's violent behavior got worse when he started to stalk her.

"She would tell us things like he tried to kill her or they got into a fight. Sometimes I would witness fights," said her sister Tanisha.

Her family tried to help her but just months before she disappeared, Gregory assaulted Tanisha.

"He was locked up on prior charges of attacking me in my home back in January of this year," Tanisha said.

Gregory has previously charged with child abuse, home invasion, drug and weapons charges and assault with intent to do great bodily harm. 

Alisha's sister says Gregory was out on bond when the young mother disappeared.

He's been in jail since his wife disappeared.

"He's a very violent person, this is the kind of things he does and I'm not surprised this is what happened to my sister. There's a lot of regret because I feel like this could have been prevented," Tanisha said.

Bond was denied on Monday as Alisha plans her funeral. They take some comfort knowing that she's no longer suffering.

"We come from a loving family and she didn't deserve all this. We just want her to be at peace and her soul at rest," her uncle Jerry Goss said.

Gregory McQueen faces life in prison and is due back in court on October 16.

There is a GoFundMe for the McQueen family. CLICK HERE.