Alleged estate swindler shows up in court

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Look who it is - it's Ron Robling on his way into court.

 Rob Wolchek: "Looks like you got yourself in some pretty big trouble. Got anything to say?"

Robling has been charged with 13 counts of embezzlement and with running a criminal enterprise.  And even worse, the people he's accused of stealing from were already grieving because they hired Robling to handle their loved one's estates.

"The estate sale itself is tough for anybody," said Jenn. "But they knew the emotional situation as well."

Last year, I introduced you to Jenn.  Her sister died by suicide. Already in pain, Jenn hired Ron Robling and his company R and S Resale to clear out her sister's home and sell her remaining possessions - including her sister's vehicle.

Robling held the estate sale but Jenn didn't receive any of the proceeds until she begged Robling for months. And when she got paid, it was for much less than she expected.

Wolchek: "How much was the check for?"

"Um, $3,400."

Wolchek: "Thirty-four hundred dollars, and you've got a house full of furniture and a car?"

"And a car," she said.

I also introduced you to other people who had similar stories a loved one passes or ends up in assisted living. They hire Ron to hold sales and they never seem to get paid on time.  I went to work to get some answers.

Wolchek: "Hi Ron, Rob Wolchek from FOX 2, can you fill me in a little bit about your estate sale business?"

Robling: "Maybe at a later time."

Wolchek: "No, I want to talk to you right now. How come you're having new sales when you haven't paid for a lot of the old sales?"

Ron promised me everything was taken care of, although this guy never seemed to be able to look me in the eye.

Wolchek: "So how come all these people are getting paid so late.what happened?"

"There was a reason, it was discussed with them," Robling said. "The issue has been resolved and paid."

Wolchek: "Why are these people contacting me saying that you held auctions and you didn't pay them? Are you robbing Peter to pay Paul with these auctions?"

"No," he said.

I put Robling in the Hall of Shame and the attorney general's office started an investigation.

A few weeks ago, Attorney General Bill Schuette charged Robling with 14 felonies saying Robling used some of his clients' money to pay his own debts and pocketed more than $60,000.

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On Monday Ron Robling waived his preliminary exam in 43rd District Court, met with his attorney and headed back to his vehicle.  

Wolchek: "Anything to say Ron?"

"Sir, I told you this is a legal proceeding," his attorney said. "He's not going to engage in any question and answer."

Wolchek: "Ron are you guilty?  Not guilty? You told me you were going to take care of those people and now you're being charged with running a criminal enterprise and 13 counts of embezzlement."

With that the alleged estate sale swindler takes off. Robling will be arraigned in circuit court next month.