Allen Park Public Schools closed April 12 for threat

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Allen Park Public Schools are closed Thursday due to a school threat.

According to police, a threat was written on a bathroom wall at one of the schools causing the closure.

The threat did not specify a school. Police said is working with school officials to investigate. There have been a number of school threats following the Feb. 14 school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

After the wave of school threats, many had thought the trend died down. But that was not the case.

"All we have to do is protect ourselves, protect our students, protect our teachers," said student Julian Feliciano, Allen Park High School student.

And for that reason school won't be in session Thursday.   As a result, all district offices will be closed and school events canceled or postponed.

"When there is a direct threat in the building, and that code word goes out, ALICE, ALICE, ALICE over the intercom," said Sgt. Wayne Albright, Allen Park police. "There is no doubt from teachers or students what they are going to do."

Allen Park parents got a crash course on active shooter training during a town hall meeting on school safety in March. The town hall was part damage control: the district was slow to inform parents of a pair of threats made at Allen Park High School.

Administrators did not make that same mistake Wednesday.

"They have been very forthright with everything since then and we have full faith that they are taking precautions, we appreciate that as parents," said Michelle Skarbinski. Allen Park parent.

There have been a number of threats made against Allen Park schools since the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida.

Each Allen Park school held assemblies warning students of the gravity and potential consequences of making threats, idle or otherwise.

That message did not get through to at least one of them.

"I think there needs to be a lot more parent involvement has to happen," said Skarbinski. "Parents have to be really talking to their kids and making it a priority in their houses. It's really bigger than the school district. It is (in the) homes. We need them to start dealing with their kids."

The Wayne County Prosecutor's Office says at last count it has brought charges against 40 people for threats against schools. This could end up being the 41st.

The State of Michigan has an OK2SAY Tip Line. It is a 24 hour source designated to taking safety concerns so appropriate local personnel can investigate and respond. 

The OK2SAY number is 1-855-565-2729. You can also text 652729, or send an email to