Almost 500 Detroit police officers quarantined for possible coronavirus

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan said the city's police department has almost 500 officers and another 105 civilian employees who are in quarantine on March 30th.

Duggan addressed the city on Monday and talked about the state of the police force, which has been hit especially hard by possible exposure to coronavirus.

In total, 493 sworn officers and 105 civilian employees are quarantined for possible exposure to people with the virus. Additionally, 109 members of the Detroit Fire Department are quarantined as well.

Of the Detroit officers and employees, 69 have tested positive while 8 firefighters have also tested positive.

However, there is some good news. Duggan said the department's news implementation of checking every officer's temperature when they arrive for work is working.

“Nobody wants to declare success after two days but it was extremely reassuring,” Duggan said.

The mayor also spoke about Chief James Craig who was diagnosed with coronavirus last week and said the top cop is still giving out orders to the department.

“(He's) very strong, very much in charge," Duggan said. “His body is fighting off this infection and nobody takes this disease lightly but he continues to do well.”

Duggan said 173 officers are in the process of being brought back.

Despite the high number of officers being quarantined, Duggan said crime in the city was down 40% last week as people are following the governor's order to stay home.