AMBER ALERT: Missing girl believed to be in car with sex offender, armed mom

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Police issue an Amber Alert as the search continues for a missing 7-year-old girl.

Investigators believe Sapphire Palmer is with her mother and a registered sex offender named Douglas Stanko and that the mom, Amanda Hayward, is paranoid, delusional and armed with a gun.

Hamburg township police say 64-year-old Douglas Steven Stanko is a registered sex offender, and say 30-year-old Amanda Hayward and her daughter 7-year-old Sapphire Palmer may be with him and in danger.

Police are trying to locate a red 2001 Ford Escape, license plate 2hva18. If seen, call 911.

"I want both of them back here," said Darrell Hayward, Amanda's father.

Police say Amanda and Sapphire were last seen Tuesday around 3 a.m. and her purse was found about three hours on the side of the road just a few miles away from her home in Brighton. Her car was found Wednesday evening in Ypsilanti.

Here's what her father says happened before she left.

"My daughter, she was putting electronics and stuff in the tub, thinking the cameras (were) watching her," said Darrell Hayward. "And she freaked out and grabbed Sapphire and took off out the door."

"Her state of mind is that we're concerned for her child," said Chief Richard Duffany, Hamburg police. "And  with this added element with the gentleman being with them and his previous conviction involving a minor that really raised our concern of the welfare of her 7-year-old daughter.

FOX 2 also came to Stanko's home in Ypsilanti and spoke to his roommate. Despite all the concerns including Amanda Hayward's purse found on the side of the road, he believes the mother and daughter are not in danger, and believes this is a family feud.

FOX 2: "Two days and counting has passed by and no one has heard from them."

"I think that's sad on Amanda and her dad's fault," said John Horton, Stanko's roommate. "She should have probably called him. when you get mad at your dad, you need space."

FOX 2: "When was the last time you spoke to your roommate Mr. Stanko?"

"Tuesday," Horton said.

FOX 2: "Does he have a cell phone where you can call him?"

"I called him and left a message. I think his phone is dead because it goes to voicemail," Horton said.

FOX 2: "When was the last time you tried?"


FOX 2: "Have you tried since?"

"Yeah it's dead or out of range. They took a road trip. it's that easy," he said.

Horton gave police the same story, but they are still concerned until they locate Hayward and Palmer.