Americans still traveling for Thanksgiving, despite CDC recommendation

The holidays are here, but things are a little different this year due to COVID-19.

The pandemic that shows no signs of abating in the US, has prompted the CDC to recommend no traveling. However, people still are, and some are coming home to Metro Detroit from their jobs out of state. 

"My husband has been working down in Arizona and he's been gone for six weeks, so we're just here to pick him up," said Krista Fletcher. 

"My boyfriend is here," said traveler Noelle. "He's coming to Texas next year to see me, so I'm coming here for the holidays to see him."

The number of people flying for Thanksgiving is down by more than half compared to last year's, but 3 million travelers passed through U.S. airport checkpoints from Friday through Sunday. These are the largest numbers since mid-March when the COVID-19 pandemic started. Some of the travelers never stopped flying. 

"We took a few trips this year, together," Noelle said. "We just got back from Mexico. We're not traveling and mocking the coronavirus - we're wearing our mask and doing what we're expected to do. So, we're going to keep traveling." 

That's a lot of what you see at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport - people wearing their masks, sanitizing and staying distant when possible during their travels. 

"Honestly, the plane was not packed at all," said traveler Robert Louzon. "The plane itself it was not even at half capacity."

Then, there's the question of what people do once they arrive to their destinations for the holidays? The CDC recommends people to celebrate only with people they live with, not large groups of family and friends. But, some have no plans to shake up their traditions. 

"No changes at all, honestly," Louzon said. "Everyone is wearing masks around the whole family. Other than that, we're pretty good."

Officials with the Wayne County Airport said they don't have stats for traffic at the airport, but some customers are cancelling or delaying their travel plans because of recent federal travel advisories.