Animal abuser registry legislation in Michigan expected to be up for vote in 2024

A top legislator in Lansing wants to create a state-wide animal abuse registry to prevent animal abusers from owning more pets.

The backer of this proposal contends that animal abuse is a statewide crime and creating a registry to track them and prevent them from owning more animals is not only good public policy, it could actually save human lives as well.

Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson wants Michigan voters to approve the Animal Abuse Registry next year -  and he's boosting strong legislative leader support.

"When you directly connect animal abusers and torture, to what happens when people do that without any accountability, there is a six out of ten shot that they are going to do it to an actual vulnerable person. A child, somebody that is addicted (or) elderly," Swanson said.

The Democratic Speaker of the House Joe Tate has decided to place this on the 2024 legislative agenda. And Swanson not only has support from the speaker, but the Senate Democratic leader, Winnie Brinks.

Also signing off has been support from across the aise; with the Senate GOP leader Aric Nesbitt and House GOP leader Matt Hall.

Which means there is a really good chance that enough lawmakers will put this registry on the statewide ballot for citizens to cast a ballot for.

"The voters are going to be able to endorse this movement of creating a registry for people that abuse, neglect, torture and beat animals to death. You've  given up your rights to own another animal for a period of time."

Look for action on this next year.