Animal Control fights Detroit Dog Rescue over who owns found dogs

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A no-kill shelter is known for saving strays but Detroit Animal Control says some of the dogs belong to them.

The issue of who owns a stray dog in Detroit is being challenged for the Detroit Dog Rescue.

"I got a call today that the Department of Agriculture was at our building, our off-site office," said Kristina Rinaldi. "I said great, we are waiting for our licensing as a shelter."

Rinaldi said that the DDR was told by Detroit Animal Control that they are no longer allowed to take dogs from police officers. 

"That they are property of Detroit," she said.

It seems some of the dogs were given to DDR by the Detroit police from drug raids, including one that Fox 2 introduced you to, Ireland.  

Ireland was on top of a roof, a police officer was there and she was a sweetheart," said Hush, the DDR founder. "He signed the dog over to us. Now a year later, they want that dog back.

"They're going to euthanize it."

And according to Hush, euthanizing a dog, is very subjective.

"She's over 3 years old, she's a pit bull, 'Nobody's going to adopt her, 'let's put her down.'"

Detroit police said that under state law, shelters are required to have documentation as to who dropped the dog off.  Dogs must remain with animal control for four business days to allow the owner time to claim the dog.

If the dog is not claimed, authorities will decide if the dog is adoptable.

"Leave me alone, leave our facility alone," Hush said. "We are providing a service to the community at no charge."

Animal control will be back to review the paperwork on Monday.