Pilots join sexual abuse lawsuits against deceased University of Michigan doctor Robert Anderson

Former athletes from the University of Michigan came forward last year with allegations of molestation against Dr. Robert Anderson that dates back decades.

Both attorneys and survivors say that the university was aware of what was happening and decided to do nothing about it.

"Anderson turned my sports physical exam into his bizarre and inappropriate torture event," says one victim. 

Following student-athletes allegations, airplane pilots are coming forward who say they were sexually abused during what should have been routine doctor visits.

According to the Associated Press, Dr. Anderson was contracted with the Federal Aviation Administration for more than 40 years. Pilots are required to have a clean bill of health to fly.

None of the pilots have come forward to the media directly; however, some have joined ongoing lawsuits filed on behalf of the University of Michigan's former student-athletes.

The University of Michigan officials say they have condemned the alleged allegations and have expressed a willingness to compensate victims outside of court. 

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