Ann Arbor police SUV chases suspect through UMICH Diag - video

Police from Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan chased a robbery suspect through the Diag on foot and in a police cruiser on Thursday, video shows.

University Police said the alleged suspect was wanted for a felony robbery warrant and is suspected of robbing someone in February. The suspect, an 18-year-old from Detroit, immediately started running when police spotted him.

Police chased him on foot and in a police SUV through the Diag. Video posted on Facebook by Aaron Chappel shows two police officers chasing the suspect. Suddenly, an Ann Arbor Police SUV starts its sirens and is driving on the sidewalk.

To avoid students, the officer drove the car into the lawn of the Diag. The SUV then plows through a lamp post and continues on after the suspect with the pole dragging behind.

Watch the video above.

According to Chappel, the SUV wasn't the only vehicle that was on campus trying to track down the suspect. Chappel said he believes there were two other police sedans on the sidewalks as well.

When the police caught up to him, they deployed a Taser and then took him into custody.

"It was kinda nuts, " Chappel said. "They drove onto Diag, I got out of the way and had my camera out."

Chapel says he and other students on campus could not believe it was all unfolding right in front of them as students walked on the Diag Chappel spoke about the police response

"It was a bit excessive," he said. "A lot of people were running especially those in the Diag when the police car hit the pole."

When the police caught up to him, they deployed a Taser and then took him into custody. The suspect was not injured and was taken to the Ann Arbor Police Department to be questioned

On Friday, police also arrested 18-year-old Charles Darius Bassett-Kennedy of Pittsfield Township and 17-year-old Kevin Allen Kennedy of Ann Arbor in connection with the alleged robbery

Police would not identify the suspect but did say they wanted to make sure they caught him before he ran into a building.

Two officers suffered minor injuries, including the officer who crashed into the lamp post.

According to police, the suspect was wanted for robbing and assault an acquaintance after inviting him to smoke marijuana. Police said they wanted to prevent him from running into Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library and were concerned with what could have happened if he was not stopped.