Ann Arbor ranked most educated city in America

Ann Arbor took the top spot in a recent survey of America's largest metropolitical areas, coming in first in a ranking of the country's most educated cities

Based on both educational attainment and the quality of education mixed with the attainment gap, it's the Washtenaw County-located city that scored first - beating out Madison, WI, the Bay Area in California, and Boston-Cambridge-Newton region in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Ann Arbor had both the highest percentage of high school diploma holders and adults with college experience, according WalletHub, which conducted the survey.

The rankings are good news for the community as education attainment level can often serve as a boost to the local economy. That's vital for retaining workers and growing the population of an area.

WalletHub used 11 metrics that were graded on a 100-point scale to evaluate both educational attainment and the gap to attainment. 

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Attainment was scored by looking at the share of adult population with varying levels of college degrees. The gap was scored with racial, gender, and learning opportunities metrics.