Anonymous donation to church helps dozens of families in Highland Park

A Michigan man quietly helping out a nearby church became a blessing to more than 100 families in Highland Park. 

Here's how the day started for these folk -- with the call anyone would want.

"We received a call this morning to come up to the Meijer on 8 Mile and Woodward to get a gift card for my children that we were blessed with, and now I'm very grateful for," Alice Irvin told us. 

And she wasn't the only one. Several families felt the love this past weekend. 

"Today we were given gift cards to go shopping for our kids for the holiday season through the church," Jada Clayton told us. "I'm eternally grateful. It definitely was unexpected [and] right on time."

The gift cards came from Greater Middle Missionary Baptist Church, where anonymous donor has been giving them sizable donations. The church passed it along to help families during the holidays.

"For the past two years we've blessed people in the Royal Oak Township area. This year we wanted to bless people in the Highland Park area," said Pastor Arthur Willis. So, he reached out to leaders in Highland Park. 

Local schools were then contacted to give 139 kids and their families in that community a boost just in time for Christmas.

Pastor Willis told us about one mother who had a little money left on their gift card after shopping for presents who was so excited to be able to fill her car up with gas from Meijer. 

"Just those small things make the whole day go well," he added.

"This season of giving reminds me of the song "Joy To The World," and that's what I've seen today," said Highland Park Police Chief Chester Logan. 

"Oh my god, my phone has seriously been blowing up," said Glenda McDonald from George Washington Carver Academy. "They're grateful; they're thankful. I've been getting emails; I've been getting all kind of thank yous to the school, to the church, to the police department. They're so grateful."

The original donation from this anonymous donor was $10,000. Pastor Willis called the benefactor to say we might have to reduce the amount each family gets and we're told, just like that, he gave $4,000 more, bringing the total to $14,000.