Another parent says social app Kik was used to lure her child

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A young girl victimized after joining an anonymous social media app, pressured into taking provocative pictures and sending them to a stranger.

Another local mom saw FOX 2's original story and said the same thing happened to her daughter. So what steps can you take to keep your child safe and what do you do, if they get into trouble?

The Kik app says it's crazy fast and lets you connect to your friends in real-time. It's supposed to be for kids but in February a grown man got way too personal with an 10-year-old.

"He told her how beautiful she was, told her 'I know your friends, I'm a friend of your friend that you go to school with,'" said the girl's mom. 

And that man wanted news pictures of her 10-year-old.

"When my daughter refused to send pictures of herself to him that's when he sent a picture of himself in a mask threatening to kill my daughter," the mom said.

More shocking after so many similarities to a story that just aired on FOX 2 with a different little girl who was 11.

"It was unreal," the mom said. "It was like a nightmare because I never wanted this to happen to someone else's child."

Because both of these students went to a National Heritage Academy the school is concerned.

In a statement to FOX 2, Jennifer Hoff from the National Heritage Academy said:

"NHA has safeguards in place at schools to protect children from harmful sites and bad people. We applaud (parents) for being brave. We have no reason to believe that these incidents are connected in any way."

"I believe that Kik needs to be shut down," the mom said.

But FOX 2 spoke with the police who have closed their investigation. It seems nobody ever saved the Kik messages with those threats.

Without the evidence the cops can't really do much of an investigation. bottom line, save the evidence. and that's the lesson to be learned from this.

"Monitor what your children are doing. there are pedophiles out there whether it's a man or woman that want to sleep with children," said the mom.  "It's the most sickening and disgusting thing in the whole wide world."