Anti-GOP PAC's Battle Creek billboard calls NRA 'terrorist organization'

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A photo of one of the billboards like the one in Battle Creek. Source:

A new billboard near Battle Creek on I-94 is calling the National Rifle Association "a terrorist organization"

On Wednesday the billboard was installed by the Mad Dog Political Action Committee and is one of 13 with that message located across political battleground states, according to FOX 17 West Michigan.

PAC founder Claude Taylor told FOX 17 that Michigan drivers may see up to 12 more like it before the midterm election. 

The PAC's website allows for donations to any of the current billboards around the country that are anti-Trump, GOP and guns. There are others with messages like "End the NRA" "Ban assault weapons" and "Nobody like Ted Cruz. Vote him out" which contains a quote from George W. Bush that says "I just don't like the guy." 

There are other billboards with more localized political messages against Republican politicians.

Website visitors can donate to any of the billboards. As for the Battle Creek anti-NRA billboard, the PAC's website says:

"Support our campaign to call out the NRA for what it really is-a domestic terrorist organization.

"With guns unleashing terror in thousands of American communities, hundreds of children dying in our schools, and dozens of NRA-bought congressional Republicans blocking any action, our nation is in a crisis. Help us to directly confront the NRA by funding our new billboard campaign. 

"By making a donation, you are taking action. You are taking a stand. You are changing voters' opinions for the better. Let's fight back with the most powerful weapon of all: our dollars."

Taylor told FOX 17 that he considers himself a Democratic activist and was once a staffer for President Bill Clinton's Administration 

The billboards usually run on eight to 12-week cycles and cost between $5,000 to $7,000 per cycle, FOX 17 reports.

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