Anti-Semitic flyers appear on Ferndale church doors

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Disturbing anti-Semitic flyers were discovered on the doors of a Ferndale church Monday.

"It's a form of hate message there on the door," said Rev. Robert Schoenhals, First United Methodist Church.

The flyer features a man who has tape over his mouth and the phrase InfoWars on his forehead. There is also a message about Jews and free speech. 

"It's anti-Semitic," said Schoenhals. "Kind of a conspiracy effort saying that Jews are trying to stop free speech." 

Ferndale Police is investigating the incident and say no threats were made to anyone. They also say they plan to contact Royal Oak Police after reports surfaced that this flier also made an appearance at this year's Arts, Beats, and Eats Festival.

It's unclear exactly why this church was targeted but the Reverend says it may be based on the fact that his church is known to take a stand on key issues. 

"We have put banners up for Black Lives Matter when people have been killed," Schoenhals said. "We put up banners for Gay pride. And we have an art installation out there now as a commemoration to Charlottesville."    

Reverend Schoenhals says in the past they have found messages of hate posted inside the church, but nothing has happened to make them overly concerned about security issues. 

"We feel quite secure in the ways that we operate now," he said. "Jesus was a Jew. So if you have problems with Jews then you probably have problems with Jesus."