Area food banks kicking into overdrive to help hungry kids home from school

With statewide school closures going into effect until April 6, students in Detroit and the metro community have become collateral damage of the coronavirus outbreak.
"Over 300,000 kids rely on free or reduced meals when they are in school and now that school's going to be out, they're going to need support getting those meals," said Stacy Averill, Gleaners.

Starting Monday, all K-12 students in Michigan are on mandatory break to prevent the spread of the virus.

Gleaners is working overtime to make sure that the need is filled so that when a family needs help with food, they'll get it.  

"Their families are put into a position where they're potentially struggling to put food on the table and so we are working with a number of partners," she said. "We are in conversations with the Michigan Department of Education, our school partners and districts, our agency partners and our fellow food bank partners to see what we can do to add more support to the community during this time."

For any who need help because their kids are suddenly at home and hungry, dial 2-1-1. Operators on the line will work to feed the need.

For everyone else, if they have food on the table or money in the bank, food banks ask that they consider donating supplies of funding to nonprofits.

"We're asking people to go on our website, stay up-to-date as to what we are working on, monetary donations are obviously helpful. We are going to be putting more food into the community and the support through donations would be extremely helpful for that," said Averill.