Argument over condom led to murder of 'Chef Doug', teen testifies

When 'Chef' Doug was murdered earlier this year, a then-16-year-old girl spend the last few minutes with him before he was murdered. On Friday she testified that it all started with an argument over a condom.

The now-17-year-old girl recalled the last time Douglas Calhoun was alive. The girl, whose identity we are not revealing, says 'Chef Doug' contacted her on Backpage for sexual services. She testified that she performed oral sex on him and they were about to engage in intercourse when they argued over safety.

"He wanted to do it without a condom. I told him no," she testified. "He kept asking 'why not?' I told him no, everything is with a condom."

She said Calhoun wanted his money back and that's when her boyfriend, Trayvun Baskerville, came out of the bedroom and confronted Calhoun. After the two argued, she said Baskerville pulled a long gun and shot former marine several times.

She said he later put his body in a trashcan. She testified she helped Baskerville dispose of the body because she was scared. She said they dumped the trash can, with the body inside it, in the garage of an abandoned home.

Not long after, Baskerville was arrested on an unrelated charge. From jail, he said he convinced her to keep her mouth shut about the murder. The prosecution played a jailhouse conversation in court.

"Before I let anything happen to you, I will take everything, you hear me? I take all the charges. I will do life before I let you anywhere near this mother------- place, do you hear me?" Baskerville said.

The teen admitted to telling lies during her first two interviews with police but when she was granted immunity, she told her story. More than a month after the murder she led police to the body.

Baskerville was charged in connection to the homicide on August 31.

When he was arraigned on charges earlier this month, the human trafficking charges seemed to come as a surprise. The teen confessed to police that she met Baskerville when she was 16 and he was 25. They needed money so she said he took pictures of her in her underwear and started selling her for sex online.

She said when she collected money from the men she met, she would give to Baskerville.

At the end of the hearing on Friday, Baskerville was bound over on all seven charges including murder and sex trafficking.