Armed home invaders beat woman, fire guns in Northville Twp home

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The mother of a robbery victim Sunday morning in Northville, says she was targeted because of her profession -- stripping.

Two masked men broke into a home on Five Mile. One suspect was armed with a rifle, the other with a handgun. They terrorized the people inside, and then stole jewelry and a gun.

The male victim ran to his neighbor's house for help, telling police he had to jump out the window. He told 911 the robbers had guns and fired inside the home. The man's girlfriend was inside their home as he called police.

Investigators say she was pistol-whipped during the home invasion early Sunday morning when two men forced their way into their home.

The woman's mother spoke to FOX 2 about the incident.

"Some guys put a gun to her head and robbed the house and took all types of stuff out of the house," she said.

The victim's mother believes the suspects followed her daughter home and that she was targeted because of her profession.

"There's a gang of guys going around robbing strippers," she said.

Police say two vehicles were also stolen from the house - a black Lexus RX350 SUV and Corvette.

When Livonia police spotted the Corvette eastbound on I-96, there was a pursuit but officers lost the car, which was later found abandoned in Detroit.

"We're processing the vehicle as well as the scene was processed yesterday for any type of forensic evidence," Lt. Paul Tennies said.

As the investigation continues, the victim's mother talked about how daughter is coping.

"She is OK but still kind of nervous," she said. "We want these guys off street."

Police say they have some leads but they need your help to find the two suspects and the Lexus SUV which has a Michigan license plate of BGG378.

Anyone with information related to this investigation should contact the Northville Township Police Department (248) 349-9400 or Crime Stoppers 1-800-SPEAKUP.