Armed robber stood over shooting victim, firing more shots at gas station

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Just before lunchtime Monday, there was a shooting at a BP gas station right across the street from a high school.

"I saw several police cars, police, crime scene vans, and tape," said Juaneva Moore, who lives in the neighborhood.

The manager of the gas station does not want to be identified. He says when he arrived to work he didn't know what to think when he saw the crime scene.

"I was hoping that none of my employees got hurt and that nothing was going on inside the store," he said. "I care about my customers and anybody that could be outside."

Police say moments before the shooting, two men agreed to have a meeting at the gas station.

The suspect said he would sell the victim a handgun but instead tried to rob the victim. That's when investigators say the victim produced a handgun, but then the suspect shot the victim.

Then police say the suspect stood over the victim and shot him again.

Police arrested the suspect at the scene and the victim was transported to the hospital where he is listed in temporary serious condition.

"Stuff like that should not be done near a school or business where customers are coming in and out," said the gas station manager.

Investigators say they are still working to solve the case, but those who use this gas station say they have some concerns

"I was very upset," said Moore. "I was telling my neighbor we don't have this at Seven Mile and Ryan."

Police say four handguns were recovered at the scene and the victim will also be taken into custody.