Armored truck driver pepper sprayed, truck robbed at Troy elementary school

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Police in Troy are searching for two thieves who pepper sprayed the driver of an armored in a Troy elementary school parking lot.

According to Troy police, they were called to Wattles Elementary on Ellenboro Drive after the driver of the armored truck was pepper sprayed and the thieves robbed the truck of its contents.

Police said it's not uncommon for an armored truck to be at the elementary school to pick up items but did not elaborate what may have been inside the truck that the thieves wanted.

Investigators say two suspects pepper sprayed the driver and then robbed the armored truck. Police said the truck was not stolen.

The driver of the truck sustained minor injuries and the suspects remain at large. 

Troy police said the school was locked down but the Troy school district says that's not true.

The FBI is working the case with Troy police, which is requesting that anyone who may have information share it.